Cashback - Rules

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Get back up to 7.5 % of the price of your purchases!

The rules of the "GREAT AUTUMN CASHBACK" promotion
("MKT 2/22")

I. Introductory provisions

  1. The company CARERO, sro, ID 28108272, NIP CZ28108272, with its registered office at Písek 311, 739 84 Písek u Jablunkova, registered in the commercial register kept by the District Court in Ostrava, section C, file 341456, (hereinafter referred to as "CARERO") organizes the "BIG AUTUMN CASHBACK" promotion ("MKT 2/22" promotion, hereinafter referred to as the "Promotion") and hereby establishes its terms and conditions.
  2. The promotion is open to all CARERO customers.

II. Duration

  1. The event runs from September 5, 2022 to October 16, 2022.

III. Basic conditions for participation

  1. Each CARERO customer who meets all the conditions of the Promotion set out in these regulations, as well as the following conditions, takes part in the promotion:
    1. is a legal person or an entrepreneurial natural person
    2. He is not in an employment or similar relationship with CARERO, or with persons personally and financially related to CARERO, including their relatives and relatives.
  2. The customers excluded from the promotion are those who:
    1. They do not meet the terms of the Promotion set out in these regulations;
    2. Will operate in violation of the law and / or decency and / or be fraudulent in connection with the Promotion;
    3. They will not fulfill their contractual obligations towards CARERO, especially those where CARERO registers late payment of invoices issued by CARERO during the Promotion and during the evaluation of the Promotion.
  3. In the event of exclusion of a Participant, such Participant is not entitled to compensation for incurred costs or damages.

IV. Promotion theme

  1. Promotion participants will receive vouchers for purchases upon meeting the above conditions (hereinafter referred to as "Vouchers").
  2. The conditions that the Participant must meet in order to receive Vouchers are:
    1. the condition for receiving the voucher is the purchase of products that the participant of the Event did not buy from CARERO at any time before the start of the Event (hereinafter referred to as the "Newly purchased product"). To identify products that an event participant has already purchased from CARERO at any time prior to the event, a matching product ID or product EAN will be used.
    2. Participant who in a given period has a contractual discount on a given brand with CARERO in the amount of over 6% from the basic wholesale price, for each newly purchased product at a selling price of at least 20 €, excluding VAT of the NEW BABY, BABY MIX, BAYO and PLAYTO brands, will receive a Voucher with a nominal value corresponding to 7.5% of the purchase value of a given Newly purchased product.
    3. Participant who in a given period has a contractual discount on a given brand in CARERO in the amount of over 6% from the basic wholesale price, for each Newly purchased product at a selling price of at least 20 € excluding VAT of any brand except NEW BABY, BABY MIX, BAYO and PLAYTO will receive Vouchers with a nominal value corresponding to 5% of the purchase value of the New Purchased Product.


  1. Vouchers will be issued with a nominal value of 5 € and 50 €.
  2. The total value of the Vouchers provided is equal to the sum of the value of the Vouchers obtained through the purchase of individual Newly purchased products, always rounded to whole fives downwards.
  3. Individual Vouchers can be used separately or in any combination for one or more purchases.
  4. Vouchers are valid until December 31, 2022. Unused Vouchers will lose all their value on January 1, 2023.
  5. Participants may not demand any financial results in connection with the Promotion.
  6. Any Participant who does not qualify for a shopping voucher acknowledges that he has not participated in the Promotion and agrees that CARERO does not need to send him any special information in this regard.
  7. CARERO will evaluate the results of the Promotion no later than October 21, 2022.
  8. CARERO will contact the selected Promotion Participants via e-mail and / or the Participant's telephone number on the day of the evaluation of the Promotion results. As part of this communication, information will also be provided on the value of the Purchase Coupon received by the Participant.

V. Final Provisions

  1. CARERO is not responsible for events beyond its control and for events that could not be foreseen using all professional care.
  2. CARERO reserves the right to cancel, postpone or amend this Promotion and the terms of the Promotion, or any part thereof, without giving any reason. CARERO reserves the right to shorten, interrupt or cancel the Promotion or change its rules at any time without giving reasons. CARERO has the right to exchange products in the Promotion exchanged for Vouchers for products of the same nature at a similar price level. Amending the Promotion regulations does not entitle to reimbursement of incurred expenses.
  3. For the purposes of the Promotion, in order to evaluate the Promotion and inform Participants about the results of the Promotion, CARERO will process the Participant's personal data, namely name, surname and e-mail address. The administrator and the entity processing personal data is the CARERO company. Personal data will be processed for 1 year after the end of the Promotion. Participation in the Promotion is voluntary, and the processing of personal data is necessary to participate in the Promotion and without providing it, it is not possible to participate in the Promotion.
  4. In case of disagreements regarding the rules of the Promotion, the current regulations are available on eu.
  5. Each Participant has the right to notify CARERO in writing at any time during the Promotion that they do not wish to continue participating in the Promotion. In this case, the Participant is not entitled to any benefit by CARERO under this Promotion, in particular he is not entitled to issue any Voucher.
  6. These regulations are the only document that bindingly regulates the rules of the Promotion.
  7. These regulations come into force on the day of their announcement, and each Participant agrees to these regulations.

In Jabłonków, on August 30, 2022.